President Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Firdos Ali Khan
President Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce

Dear TPCC’s Members and Friends,

It is my greatest honor to have been elected as Thai Pakistan Chamber of commerce (TPCC) President for 2020-2022. As this will be my 3rd term as TPCC’s president. In my previous term we have achieved many success in build great relationship between Thailand and Pakistan both political and business. In this term we will continue to build in sustainable growth and creating additional opportunities for our members. TPCC have worked closely with Pakistan Embassy, we are well united with Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce, and the relationship between TPCC and Thailand Government sectors is developing strongly.

TPCC are proud to have such a diversify of experienced business professionals with a wide range of backgrounds leading our chamber. I am confident to see further positive development of TPCC in new dimensions. At our recent annual general meeting, TPCC has separate committee into 6 sectors each sector will consist of three executive committees to facilitate people in specific sector. In the upcoming three years:

1.We will focus on development our TPCC services sector in order to be able to facilitate Thai-Pakistan business people in both countries.
2.According to Thai Government 4.0 policy, TPCC will interact with technologies more than ever before, initially we will create and monitor latest version of TPCC website to suit as a platform of communications and information.
3.TPCC will have Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with useful business sectors in order to provide additional benefits and privileges for our members. Joining a chamber of commerce involves both a time and financial commitment from our members and we are well aware of other organizations and interests with which we must compete for member attention. As such, it is critically important that the value proposition of TPCC membership continually evolves and improves, this is our mandate to deliver.

To accomplish a sustainable growth for TPCC, we could not have done this without cooperation and support from committee and staff. TPCC’s team and I highly gratitude and appreciate to all members and staff. It is important to us to obtain continue support from all of our members to lead TPCC toward continue success together. Moreover, I am sincerely appreciated Mr. Chaudhry Sabahat Ellahi and other founding members of the chamber to help establishing this Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce on 28th January, 2005. I am looking forward to work closely with our members and build a strong growth and creating opportunities for our members.

Thank You


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