TPCC Joined hands to Exhibit Product’s of Pakistan with MEGA SHOW organizers @ BITEC

23 July , 2023 admin 0

21st, July, 2023

TPCC Joined hands to Exhibit Product’s of Pakistan with MEGA SHOW organizers @ BITEC Bangna from 19th to 21st of July 2023′
TPCC President Mr.Abdul Ghaffar Warsi and Top diplomats from Pakistan Embassy, Executive Committee Members Visited the Exhibition and admired the participants, Manufacturers from Taiwan and China mainland.
TPCC Delegation received and warmly welcomed by the Management of MEGA SHOW. Read more ...

WCAM 2022

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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan Embassy Commercial Counselor, Mr. Farrukh Shariff, Thai-Pakistan Chamber Of Commerce (TPCC) President, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Warsi and Mr. Waqas Akram participated in ดร.สาธิต ปิตุเตชะ รัฐมนตรีช่วยว่าการกระทรวงสาธารณสุข เป็นประธานเปิดงาน World Congress of Aesthetic Surgery-Medicine, Anti-aging and Alternative Medicine (WCAM 2022) แลกเปลี่ยนองค์ความรู้ด้านการเสริมความงามทางการแพทย์ ทั้งศัลยกรรม เวชกรรม เวชศาสตร์ชะลอวัย และการดูแลด้วยการแพทย์ทางเลือก โดยความร่วมมือของกระทรวงสาธารณสุข แพทยสภา สหพันธ์สมาคมเวชกรรมเสริมสวยและชะลอวัยประเทศไทย (Federation of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Practice Thailand-FAAP) และสหพันธ์สมาคมศัลยกรรมและเวชกรรมเสริมสวยเอเชีย (Asian Federation of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine – AFCS) ที่โรงแรมเซ็นทารา แกรนด์ แอท เซ็นทรัล พลาซา ลาดพร้าว กรุงเทพฯ


Dinner Meetup organized by Brazil-Thai Chamber of Commerce

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28th April, 2018

Brazil-Thai Chamber of Commerce organized a wonderful dinner meetup party, Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce President Mr. Firdos Ali Khan has participated together with Mr. Abdul Gaffar Warsi Vice President. The event took place on 28th April, 2018 at Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel Bangkok. Read more ...

Pakistan National Day 2018

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23rd March, 2018

Pakistan Embassy of Thailand hosted an event to celebrate Pakistan National Day 2018 at Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok. TPCC Committees and Members were being invited to join in this wonderful event together with Foreign ambassadors from different countries. H.E. Asim Iftikhar Ahmed has made a speech about emerging Pakistan and upcoming opportunities for an investors. Read more ...

Kashmir Solidarity Day

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Sunday 04th February, 2018

Mr. Firdos Ali Khan President of Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce along with his executive teams and members participated in KASHMIR SOLIDARITY DAY, event were honorary hosted by H.E. Iftikhar Ahmed, Ambassador of Pakistan in Thailand. This event took place at Jinnah Hall Pakistan Embassy, Bangkok. Read more ...


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9th-11th November 2017
Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce President Mr. Firdos Ali Khan together with Assistant Mr. Virayudh Baram participated 10th EXPO PAKISTAN together with a businessmen delegation group from Thailand. Read more ...

TCC & BOT Annual GET Together Party 2017

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6th October, 2017
Thai chamber of commerce & Board of Trade of Thailand held Annual GET Together Party 2017. Our TPCC president Mr.Firdos Ali together with H.E. Commercial Counselor Mr.Gulam Nabi Kamboh join in this special event. Read more ...