Present Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Abdul Gafar Warsi
2021 – Present
President Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Firdos Ali Khan
2020 – July, 2021 (Passed Away)
President Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Firdos Ali Khan
2017 – 2019
President Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Firdos Ali Khan
2014 – 2016        
Thailand-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Sadar Ud Din Gilani
2011 – 2013     
Mr. Sabahat Elahi Chaudhry 2008 – 2010
Mr. Sabahat Elahi Chaudhry 2005 – 2007


Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce (TPCC) is incorporated under the chamber of commerce Act, (1960). It is non-political and non-profit independent body serving the business communities of both countries; the chamber is a member of Thai-Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce Thailand (JFCCT) and The Board of Trade of Thailand (BOT). It is a similar body to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of commerce and Industries (FPCCI).

Thailand and Pakistan are always in a good relationship for many decades; Thailand King Rama IX has visited Pakistan in March 1962. This historic visit laid the foundations for a stronger bilateral cooperation between the two countries. These relations are in the nature of a continuum and existed yesterday, exist today and shall continue to do so tomorrow.

On 9th May, 2005 Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated by his Excellency Shaukat Aziz who was at that time a Prime Minister of Pakistan.The purpose of the Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce is not only to provide Thai-Pakistan companies with a stronger collective voice towards the Thai authorities but also to further promote and expand trade between Thailand and Pakistan as well as establish a forum for networking among the Thai and Pakistani businessmen living here or traveling here on business. Through Chamber events and media, TPCC acts as a forum, where ideas, experiences and knowledge are exchanged, and where members will be exposed to an invaluable network in the Region.


To be an intermediary who makes Thai-Pakistan business proficient, by being authoritative voice for member’s interests with access to the highest levels in the Thai and Pakistan governments.


TPCC has positioned itself on the vanguard of promoting trade and economic ties between Thailand and Pakistan. We have made it our sole responsibility to act as a hub for business networking that brings together the interests of businesses of all sizes and sectors in the two regions. Enhance closer relations, understanding, and cooperation between Thai and Pakistani entrepreneurs to promote bilateral economic and business relationship at the highest levels of leadership in both countries. TPCC aims to being an effective source of information, connections and representation thus to enhance trade and investment between the Thailand and Pakistan to advocate for a structured forum for the private sector to provide input on economic and commercial issues in the Thailand Pakistan Strategic Dialogue. We aim to provide arbitration, mediation and reconciliation services for resolution of disputes within the business community or between importers & exporters or other entities between Thailand and Pakistan.


As a non-profit organization, TPCC is self-funded with no financial support from government or any other Pakistan or Thai external sources. Majority of our fund entirely come from membership fees and revenue generated from events, services and media activities. President of the chamber stay for 3 years, who has been elected from Chamber’s honorary board and executives. The board is furthermore divided into very active subcommittees to drive the Chamber further in its work.


Thai – Pakistan Chamber of Commerce working together with several institutions, several key institutions such as Pakistan Embassy who keeping TPCC community informed on the latest political and economic development in Thailand and in providing a forum for open and frank discussions between Thai and Pakistani on contemporary issues of concern. In addition the TPCC works closely with several Government institutions such as Board of Trade of Thailand who keep us up to date of any business opportunity offered by Thai’s government. Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce furthermore plays an active role in the activities of the Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce Thailand (JFCCT). The JFCCT, representing more than 9000 members, has a number of very relevant sub-committees that do an excellent job in improving the business environment in Thailand to the benefit of both Thai and foreign investors.