TPCC participate in Pakistan single country Exhibiton at Bangkok

Thai-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce

engaged in Pakistan Single Country Exhibition 2018, facilitate businessmen from both countries to mutual benefit.
The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) in collaboration with the Embassy of Pakistan, Thailand has organised first Pakistan Single Country Exhibition under the banner of Emerging Pakistan in Bangkok, a statement said on Saturday.

The exhibition aimed at promoting and strengthening Pakistan–Thailand business interests in the light of upcoming free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries, it added.

Leading Pakistani companies from fisheries, sports goods, surgical, pharmaceutical, handicrafts, cutlery, furniture and designer wear participated in the event.

“This event provided great opportunity for the businessmen of the two countries to develop and nurture long-term business relations,” it said.

The event portrayed magnanimous picture of Pakistan and gave a glimpse of vast potential in manufacturing, labour, agriculture, tourism, etc.

Thai Vice Minister for Commerce Sakon Varanyuwatana assured all possible support to Pakistani business firms to strengthen and enhance business ties with Thailand.

Around 68 exhibitors, including SMEs and women entrepreneurs belonging to different sectors of Pakistan are exhibiting their products during the three-day event.